About The Fat Gamer

This website is a personal journey of creativity, exploration, learning and understanding. I’ve spent years gaming, starting way back in the 80’s. I feel today’s games are incredibly advanced, amazing to look at and push the boundaries of hardware and imagination but lack soul.

Games of yesteryear bring emotion, memory and have helped form culture.

Building this website took me back to games I had forgotten about and good times I shared with my mates playing some of these old classics. If you’re and aging gamer like me, I hope this website helps you rekindle your childhood. OR, if you’re new to retro-gaming, then site back and soak up the marvel of “the old school”.

Website Design and Build Process

This is my first (and maybe last) website. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning WordPress, themes, widgets, pages, posts and how to import bulk-content into WordPress. It’s not perfect – but it’s not bad for a first attempt.

The biggest problem I have with the “Retro-Gaming” community is that a lot of emphasis is on content, and less on navigation / appeal. I hope to add something new to old content in the way of a modern template and modern CMS. The content here is of course not my own, and it won’t match those where I’ve sourced it from but we’re serving different purposes.


Analytics and Privacy

Please refer to the Privacy Policy section for details on this.


The work of this website, the look, the feel, is the work of my own – although I did buy a template, I’ve customised the colours, fonts, and logos. You may recognise the template 😛

The content, however is generally not my own. I have recognised those sources were appropriate.

Please refer to the Terms of Use for specific licenses relating to content.

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