MSX is a standardized home computer architecture, announced by Microsoft on June 16, 1983. It was conceived and marketed by Kazuhiko Nishi, then vice-president at Microsoft Japan and director at ASCII Corporation. Nishi conceived the project as an attempt to create unified standards among various home computing system manufacturers of the period.

MSX systems were popular in Japan and several other countries. It is difficult to determine how many MSX computers were sold worldwide, but eventually 5 million MSX-based units were sold in Japan alone. Despite Microsoft’s involvement, few MSX-based machines were released in the United States.

Before the great success of Nintendo’s Family Computer, MSX was the platform for which major Japanese game studios such as Konami and Hudson Soft produced video games. The Metal Gear series, for example, was first written for MSX hardware. MSX at

  • Backgammon

    Backgammon board game on the MSX

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  • King’s Valley II

    There are two editions of this game, one for MSX1 and one for MSX2 with better graphics. The MSX2 version was never released out of Japan. Far, far into the future, inter-planetary archaeologist Vick XIII, makes a choking discovery. The pyramids on earth are malfunctioning…

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  • Front Line

    Front Line is a vertically scrolling action game. Your mission is to infiltrate enemy territory and destroy their fortress. To reach the fortress, you will have to make your way through varied and dangerous terrain. Jungles, deserts, brush, and rocks all slow your progress, plus…

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  • Hanafuta

    Hanafuta Toshiba Emi 1984 (MSX)

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  • Super Boy III

    Super Boy 3 is the third Super Boy game, made by Zemina. The game has been drastically changed since the first two titles. Instead of being another variant of Super Boy I, the game has an all-new setting and story. Instead of having graphics ripped…

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  • Hyper Sports 1

    A dynamic sports simulation using rebounds just like in real events!

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  • King’s Knight

    King’s Knight is a fantasy-themed top-down shooter where four heroes have to unite to defeat a dragon and rescue a princess in despair. It was one of the first games published by Square Soft (now one-half of Square Enix). King’s Knight is a variation on…

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  • Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress

    In this adventure game you control an explorer who’s on his way to fortress Alcazar. To reach Alcazar you are travelling through a countryside of fortresses and you need to collect several items that you can find along the way. Once you enter the Alcazar…

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  • Nemesis 2

    The Director General of Space Science Agency Dr. Venom was exiled to Planet Sard for a failed coup d’état. In the year 6665, he escapes and invades Planet Nemesis and the seven planets it controls with the help of Bacterion. The Nemesis High Council sends…

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  • A1 Spirit: The Way to Formula-1

    A special version of the original F-1 Spirit, A1 Spirit: The Way To Formula-1, was released as a pack-in with Panasonic’s “Joy Handle” game controller. The chief differences is that it features futuristic vehicles instead of racing cars, different passwords (e.g. “PANASONIC” to see the…

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